Pampered Pet lodge Boarding Kennel


Why I Built The Boarding Kennel

Boarding Kennel OfficeThe Lodge was designed and developed by Shelley & David Smilsky, who put their minds, hearts, and passion into building what is now known today as Pampered Pet Lodge.  Construction began in August 2000, with the grand opening of the lodge December 16, 2000. 

On over 10 acres of property, the lodge occupies over 3,000 square feet of space, which encompasses 8 rooms with ideas and concepts that make the lodge unique and inviting to pets and their owners.  The Lodge was developed for Cats & Dogs to consider a “Home away from Home’ while their owners are out at work or play.  Shelley & David wanted to build an upscale pet boarding facility to take care of the needs of pets local, and from afar. 

The Small Dog Room was developed to house the smaller dogs, which range in weight from 1-35 pounds.

There are 3 different size bunks in this room, which can accommodate various size dogs.  Each bunk has a number, which corresponds with a cupboard shelf space where you can place a dog’s belongings in during stay. 

The Large Dog Area is located in the lower level of the lodge and has 28 separate bunks to accommodate larger breeds as many as 1-3 dogs in each depending on size.  The Cattery was designed to accommodate 20 single cats or 40 cats (up to 3 cats in a deluxe or 2 in a cozy condo).  A 180 Gallon Aquarium is located in the centre of the cattery to amuse and entertain the cats as they relax and take in sun, bird watching, or TLC from our staff.  The reception area was made for meeting and greeting our clientele, as well as cuddling up in front of the cozy gas fireplace on those cold Canadian winters.

Kitchen and Bathroom areas are primarily for the staff at the Lodge for lunches and pet food preparation, etc. The Grooming room was designed to have several pets groomed or a nice warm bath one at a time.  The high tech Best Shot bathing unit was purchased to ensure that all pets receiving a bath will look, smell and feel better after a session in the tub. 
We offer a quick bath not a groom, dematting, trimming etc are not part of a regular bath package and surcharges apply.  We seldom groom due to time limitations.

The Indoor Playroom was designed as an alternate play area to be utilized year round.  Play sessions are in 15-minute segments for the pets and only if they are from the same families are they socialized and grouped together.

As of 2012 we have developed another option for clients called the Retreat Option, this allows for socialization of pets from different families after behavior testing has taken place. Each Session is 35-45 minutes of small group supervised play.

If the pet(s) are not interested in playtime, then encourage them to cuddle.  The idea is to create one-on-one handling time with the pet. The Lodge is designated as Phase I of what potentially will include Phase II to accommodate our customer’s needs, and the growing needs of their pets.

Overall, the lodge has been extremely well received and raved about by its valued customers. 

Our objective is to continue to grow in our services (we have added the new Retreat Option which incorporates cage-free conditions which we hope will be appealing to another type of client) and continue to expand on both old and new business and client connections. We have a large support base for our business by many local veterinarians and other pet industry businesses which have continued to keep us in the forefront with clients. For the most part we have relied on word of mouth referrals and are grateful for our wonderful clients.