Boarding Kennels - Protecting Your Pet
Boarding Kennels - Protecting Your Pet
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Boarding Kennels - Protecting Your Pet


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Boarding Kennels - Protecting Your Pet 

DogThere may come a time when you need to board your pet for a few hours, a day, week or more, whatever the reason. Some people have very active dogs that get into mischief while they are away at work for extended days, while others may just need to travel for a short get-away or a longer vacation where pets are not allowed. There is comfort in finding a boarding facility that you can trust will treat your pet as you feel it deserves.

Once you have decided to board your dog or cat, it is important to do your research in finding that perfect facility that will make you feel comfortable. In order to do so, there are some things you need to consider. The best facility can provide some luxuries like dog walks, special playtimes, luxurious bath, cuddle time, brushing your pet and lots of one-on-one special time together. Some facilities even offer massage therapy for pets. The best you can do is get recommendations and feedback from satisfied customers of the facility you choose to be sure it is the right fit for you and care of your pets. 

Find out what is expected before bringing your dog in for care. There are requirements in boarding your dog or cat and the most reputable facilities will express their needs before caring for your pet. Without proper vaccinations for your animal, it can be subjected to illness and disease that may be present, or put other pets at risk. There are specific vaccines necessary for dogs and for cats before you can leave your pet in a boarding facility.

Dogs are required to be vaccinated for distemper, parvovirus, rabies, hepatitis, Para influenza and the Bordetella vaccine, which is not normally required yearly unless your pet will be around other animals in closed quarters, such as a kennel or boarding facility. Cats on the other hand should be immunized for rabies, Panleukopenia, Rhinotrachitis, Calici virus and the feline Leukemia vaccine for the outdoor feline.

Visit the facility of your choice several times before leaving your pet with them so that you can actually see what goes on, the type of care that is offered and get a feel for the staff in charge of handling and caring for the pets. This is the time that you would find out all the amenities they offer and any other instructions you need to know. Find out what things you need to bring for your pet to feel comfortable during the stay at the boarding kennel.

Most often, it is important to provide your pet’s bed, blankets, favorite toy, food and water dishes, list from your vet of up-to-date vaccinations, along with your pets phone number and other emergency contact information. The goal is for your pet to feel as comfortable as possible in your absence, and return to you happy and healthy.

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