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Cat Condos

Cat in reception area

Pampered Pet Lodge wants your cat to be extremely comfortable… almost to the point that we must warn you that your loved one may not want to return to your home!

Our Cattery will comfortably house your cat in our Deluxe Condo (Full floor to ceiling, 6 tiered, scenic window view), or our Cozy Condo (2 tiered, spacious).


Regardless of which Condo you choose for your cat, our 180 Gallon Tropic Aquarium fills the center of the cattery to entertain your baby while they enjoy a relaxing stay and listen to calming, background music which plays 24 hrs/day.


Standard Cat Boarding Rates

Pamper Packages also available for cats

Deluxe Condo

  • One cat - $23.75
  • Second cat - $12.75
  • Third cat - $10.75
Deluxe Condo

Cozy Condo

  • One cat - $19.00
  • Second cat - $9.75
Cozy Condo

Kitty Komfort Package Option Available (Daily Or Specific Dates)
$12 Per Cat Per Session

  • Provides an additional 35-40 minutes of TLC per day
  • Cuddle Time
  • Tuna treat
  • Play Session