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Pampered Pet Recreation
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Pampered Pet Recreation
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Pampered Pet Recreation

PLEASE NOTE: All Pamper Packages include a minimum of 6-8 additional let outs into our Outdoor yard for relief breaks during our daily schedules, this also includes the 10:00 pm Night Let Out shift that we provide for our pets. We believe all pets lodging with us should have access to late night and early am bathroom options for their optimum health. 

The cornerstone to any Pet's well being and healthy lifestyle is the natural inclusion of Fun & Exercise! ALL PETS that stay at the lodge can enjoy a variety of Recreational activities and will experience appropriate levels of exercise based on your Pet's personal health. Plan your pets schedule per day with any of the following add-ons or purchase a Pampered Pet Package that includes your choices of recreation.


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Retreat Package 

Make any of our Pamper Packages into a (Retreat Package) and you will be giving your dog the doggie park experience with lots of supervision. Outside or inside, based on weather and pet size with a ratio of 4-6 dogs per handler.
$8.00 (35-45 minute play session with other dogs)

Play Session

Your Pet will be treated to a Play Session inside one of our fenced in outdoor play areas where our handlers will be able to provide lots of hugs & cuddles throughout the session. If our Canadian winters are a little cold for your pet we also offer an indoor climate controlled playroom
$6.50 per 10 Minutes


All Dogs are let out for a "relief break" to do their business a minimum of 6 times per day. However for a minimal extra fee your pet can enjoy the 10+ acres of property the lodge has to offer. The walks are on a leash, with a handler, for a minimum of 10 minutes.
$5.00 per dog/per walk

Social Time

Every pet deserves the chance to get out of his or her bunks and hang out with staff…just like at home. Free to romp through the lodge with our staff for a minimum of 10 minutes. No leashes, No gentle leaders, No fences. Just the freedom to explore our home-like environment, pets are not socialized unless they are from the same home address.
$6.00 per session


Remember how good you feel after a wonderful massage; treat your pet to the same experience. Benefits of massage include the following: relieves tension, relaxes muscles, prevents injury, enhances muscle tone and alleviates stiffness and restores mobility.
$6.50 per 10 Minutes

Yappy Hour

Why not spoil your little one with our newest Frozen treat. We stuff a secret stomach friendly lodge mixture into a rubber Kong and freeze it. We place it in your pet's bunk…and WOW! Gone in no time.
Treat $5.00 per treat

Indoor Playroom

Our Lodge is proud to be able to offer a climate controlled Indoor Playroom. Equipped with a variety of playful toys.
$6.00 per session


Nothing will soothe your Pet more than a calm and loving brush session. Your pet will be showered with one-on-one affection while having their coat brushed.
$4.00 per session

Bonus Treats

The Lodge provides a variety of treats available for purchase. For those busy times when you forget to pack those little extras or when you board regularly with us and find it much more convenient to purchase a special treat at check-in. Prices vary on treats.


Dog Bath

The Lodge is proud to be able to offer baths. A bath can be purchased on top of any stay; some packages include departure baths if the boarding meets the minimum required days of stay. (Refer to the Pampered Pets Packages) Baths are also available by appointment, even when you are not lodging with us. Prices vary according to coat condition, length of coat, matting etc. Please see our grooming page for more details and call to discuss your grooming requirements. ( We only cut nails if your dog loves this, we want to keep a positive experience with your pet.)